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Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.


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Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.


Whether you already read with your child, you are coming to book-sharing without any experience, or you are a busy parent striving to maximize learning while holding tight to nurturing time with your little one, you are in the right place!

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The behaviors that surround reading - your enthusiasm, your bonding time, and especially your conversation - all impact the reading and thinking skills that contribute to your child's literacy and educational competencies. 

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The Bookworm Babies Handbook


Exposure to books, coupled with conversing about stories, is the simplest, most effective, and most enjoyable way to develop and stimulate your child’s very young mind, while laying the foundation for success later in life. It is never too late, or too early, to begin a book-sharing routine with your little one. The benefits are significant at every stage, from infancy onward.

The Bookworm Babies Method, outlined in the easy-to-follow parenting handbook, Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact., brings impactful conversation starters to all parents. Each informal and stimulating conversation has been specially designed by teachers for the parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The conversation starters will not only inspire critical thinking, but will honor your essential bonding time as well.

Ready to try The Bookworm Babies Method with your little one? 

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About the Authors


As parents and educational consultants, we believe in cultivating behaviors of literacy from infancy, so that children develop reading habits that permeate all aspects of growth, development, and life experience. We believe in the potential and right of all children to learn, to be successful, and to love the art and science of reading.

In our perfect world, every parent and caregiver would have access to Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.  

By simply incorporating conversational book-sharing into the years prior to formal schooling, every family would begin a powerful and nurturing journey that would revolutionize education and positively affect countless lives.

Kimberly Zimmer Aulenback, M.Ed.,

 (Above Right)

graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, and from Lesley University with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. Mrs. Aulenback lives just outside Boston with her husband, a daughter, who is an avid reader, and a son, who is enjoying his books and hers.

Dawn Ohanian Tringas, M.Ed., 

(Above Left) 

graduated from The University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Arts in Education. She completed her Master’s Thesis on ‘Early Reading Instruction Across Cultures’ in both America and in England. Mrs. Tringas resides outside of Boston with her husband and two book-loving children.

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Bookworm Babies - Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.

The Birth of Bookworm Babies


As educators and literacy consultants with a passion for books, we began reading with our own children when they were newborns still in the hospital. Like all new parents, we were exhausted, but we were excited to find our way and — yes! — share books with our infants. It helped that our friends and family brought books when they came to visit, but anyone listening at the hospital door would never have known that we were reading stories with newborns. We asked questions, thought aloud, marveled at the illustrations, and chatted about the story while we were sharing it. We were new to parenting, but we were trained to read like a teacher and that was what we were doing.

To be honest, it didn’t even occur to us that this might be an anomaly until we visited bookstores and libraries with our children and observed the way other parents read with their young ones; or spoke with parents who were not yet reading with their babies because they felt their children were too small. We realized quickly that while many parents knew that reading was important - eventually - and should involve more than opening a book, pronouncing the words, and closing the book, few had been taught how to truly unlock the unique power within the pages of a picture book. That was when the idea for Bookworm Babies was born.

After years of working in schools, consulting, reading with children, and observing the positive educational effects of interacting with books, conversational book-sharing became second nature as we moved from educators to parents. Our love of reading and the desire to teach our conversational book-sharing strategies to new parents became a passion. In the time we stole from work, to-do lists, and sleep, we built a website and a social media following, all focused on sharing tips for reading aloud, circulating research, curating book recommendations, answering questions from fellow parents, and perfecting The Bookworm Babies Method of conversational book-sharing.

We know that cultivating behaviors of literacy from infancy will ensure that children develop a proficiency for reading that will permeate all aspects of growth, development, and life experience. Our greatest desire is to pass on a love and knowledge of conversational book-sharing to every caregiver reading with a young child.

We are glad to be on this journey with you!

Dawn and Kimberly

Try the bookworm babies method of conversational book sharing

Commitment to Global Literacy


In 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics adopted early reading as a resolution, releasing the following: "A new AAP policy statement recommends that pediatric providers advise parents of young children that reading aloud and talking about pictures and words in age-appropriate books can strengthen language skills, literacy development and parent-child relationships." 

Our ultimate goal is for every parent to receive a copy of Bookworm Babies while their children are still in infancy. As a start, literacy-focused pediatric offices, hospitals, preschools, daycares, charities, and organizations are beginning to distribute Bookworm Babies to all the parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers in their care. 

We firmly believe that if every new parent were to receive a copy of Bookworm Babies, and understood the ease and value of conversational book-sharing early and often, the breadth of improvement documented in formal education over the next few years would be statistically significant. We plan to work tirelessly to make this a possibility for every parent across the globe.

If you are interested in distributing copies of Bookworm Babies to your community, or to a community in need, we can help!

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Click the link below to learn more about activities you can engage in, beginning today, with your little Bookworm. Find a suggestion that makes sense for you and your child and work it into your routine. Feel free to contact us with suggestions and feedback.

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Quotes. Research. Statistics.

Parents today have access to an unprecedented amount of research and information about literacy. In an effort to help parents make informed decisions, we have compiled research and statistics that we find thought-provoking, interesting, useful, proven, or widely accepted as accurate by the scientific and/or educational community.


There are many other ideas, studies, and articles that are germane to our efforts to support literacy for all. If you have an article or other submission you think would be appropriate for display here, please contact us.

Bookworm Research

Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, caregivers, and educators often approach the Bookworm Babies team with questions regarding early literacy and behaviors they notice in their own children. Most questions posted here are representative of several similar questions. If you are looking for something further, or do not see a question addressing a specific issue you are having, please contact us.

Seeking Answers

Praise for Bookworm Babies - Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.

"The world needs more readers — and thinkers! Bookworm Babies is a treasure trove of insight and strategies on how to go beyond simply reading. Activating the full potential of a book requires a bit of practice — as well as inspiration. Kimberly Zimmer Aulenback and Dawn Tringas have created a very special book that gives parents and educators a big dose of both practical ideas and inspiration. Bravo!”

— Peter Reynolds 

Award-winning Author and Illustrator of The Dot

“Most parents will read to their children without thinking about how they are doing so. Bookworm Babies provides excellent guidance to these parents to not only make reading with their child more enjoyable, but to also promote language and other cognitive skills. I will be giving a copy of Bookworm Babies to all the young families in my practice.” 

— Mark A. Blumenthal, MD
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Associate Chairman of Pediatrics, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, 

School Physician, The Rivers School

"Bookworm Babies offers tools to be fully engaged with children as we share experiences, bond, and create a love for learning and reading. The Bookworm Babies Method is a great way to work on critical thinking and story schemas as they relate to early reading and comprehension.” 

- Dr. Laurie Cestnick, PhD

Leading Neuroscientist in Reading and Dyslexia at Harvard University and MIT

Pediatric Psychologist

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Bookworm Babies is poised to become the predominant parenting handbook for reading and conversing about books. That is because The Bookworm Babies Method of conversational book-sharing demonstrates for parents what teachers learned in school - how to maximize the impact of simply reading aloud with children. 

Join the countless number of parents who are choosing to read like a teacher. Together we will cultivate behaviors of conversational literacy from infancy, and ensure that your little one will develop a proficiency for reading that will permeate all aspects of growth, development, and life-experience. 

We have applied The Bookworm Babies Method to 20 companion books! Be sure to pick up one (or all) with your purchase of Bookworm Babies.

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