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Countless hospitals, pediatric offices, daycares, libraries, preschools, charities, and organizations are gifting Bookworm Babies to all the infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in their care. Join the movement and help spread the nurturing benefits of The Bookworm Babies Method.

While there are many different grant forms in circulation, the information below can be incorporated into your grant request for copies of Bookworm Babies.

Possible Titles For Your Grant Request:

  • Early Literacy Initiative: Teaching Parents The Bookworm Babies Method of Conversational Book Sharing
  • Early Conversational Book-Sharing Initiative
  • Training Parents in The Bookworm Babies Method of Conversational Book-Sharing
  • Encouraging Early Reading and Conversational Book-Sharing with Infants, Toddlers and/or Preschoolers
  • Piloting/Implementing The Bookworm Babies Method of Conversational Book Sharing
  • Distributing Bookworm Babies: An Early Literacy Handbook for the Parents of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
  • Bookworm Babies: An Important Parent Handbook for Distribution

Short Project Summary:

To purchase ___(number)___ copies of Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact. to distribute to parents at ___(your organization)___. Children whose parents are committed to reading - and talking about books - are enriched with a proven educational advantage over children who have not had exposure to books. We wish to distribute copies of this easy-to-follow handbook, with conversation starters for 20 popular book titles, in order to benefit the families and young children at ___(your organization)___. 

Goal Statement:

Children who have not been exposed to books before beginning formal schooling are at a heartbreaking disadvantage once they enter a classroom. Conversely, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports: “Reading aloud with young children is one of the most effective ways to expose them to enriched language and to encourage specific early literacy skills needed to promote school readiness.”

Informed parents, teachers, and literacy experts nurture their children’s young minds beginning in infancy in the simplest, most natural way: they read and they talk about books, informally and conversationally, long before their children can respond or even fully understand the content. We wish to share this knowledge with the families at ___(your organization’s name)___ in order to promote conversational book-sharing early and often.

By providing parents at ___(your organization’s name)___ access to Bookworm Babies, An Easy-to-Follow Handbook Designed by Teachers for the Parents of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, we wish to encourage families not only to read with their children, but also to converse about books. The National Institute for Literacy published a staggering education statistic back in 2006: “In a study conducted of kindergartners, those who were read to at least three times a week as they entered kindergarten were almost twice as likely to score in the top-25% of literacy tests than children who were read to less than three times a week.” 

We firmly believe that if every new parent were to receive a copy of Bookworm Babies, and understood the ease and value of conversational book-sharing early and often, the breadth of improvement documented in formal education over the next few years would be statistically significant. Our dream would be for every child at ___(your organization’s name)___ to begin formal schooling with this educational advantage.

Benefits of Grant:

Who Benefits:  

Families and Children

How Do Families and Children Benefit:

The American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP] released a policy statement in 2014, which reads “….early, regular parent-child reading may be an epigenetic factor associated with later reading success…. Yet, every year, more than 1 in 3 American children start kindergarten without the language skills they need to learn to read. Reading proficiency by the third grade is the most important predictor of high school graduation and career success. Approximately two-thirds of children each year in the United States and 80% of those living below the poverty threshold fail to develop reading proficiency by the end of third grade.”

For How Long Do Families and Children Benefit:

 ___(your organization’s name)___ would like to gift each family in our (organization, office, hospital, school, etc) a copy of Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact. for the course of ___(recommended time frame: one+ years)___. We expect to service ___(number)___ of families during the course of this time. The benefits will last a lifetime.

Context Or Experiences That Led to Grant Application:

___(your organizations name) chooses to follow the recommendation from The American Academy of Pediatrics: Pediatric providers promote early literacy development for children beginning in infancy and continuing at least until the age of kindergarten entry by (1) advising all parents that reading aloud with young children can enhance parent-child relationships and prepare young minds to learn language and early literacy skill; (2) counseling all parents about developmentally appropriate shared-reading activities that are enjoyable for children and their parents and offer language-rich exposure to books, pictures, and the written word.

(List any other experiences you have had with children and families that led you to request grant money for Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.)

Project Description:

(Supporting Material from Bookworm Babies)

Exposure to books, coupled with conversing about stories, is the simplest, most effective, and most enjoyable way to develop and stimulate a child’s very young mind, while laying the foundation for success later in life. It is never too late, or too early, to begin a book-sharing routine with a little one. The benefits are significant at every age and stage.

Written for parents by teachers, Bookworm Babies applies The Bookworm Babies Method — a nurturing and empowering strategy for enhancing the benefits of book-sharing through conversation starters —  to 20 popular book titles. Parents who seek to maximize the formation of neural connections during reading and bonding time will be guided to move beyond the words on the page and extrapolate embedded concepts related to math, science, language, art, music, and critical thinking. Cultivating these behaviors of conversational literacy ensures that young children develop a proficiency for reading that will permeate all aspects of growth, development, and life-experience. 

All parents should have access to The Bookworm Babies Method of impactful conversational book-sharing to nurture the success of children who have learned to ask for a book again and again.


Bookworm Babies: Read. Converse. Nurture. Impact.

An Easy-To-Follow Handbook Designed By Teachers for the Parents of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

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