The Bookworm Babies Handbook: Endorsements and Testimonials

Caregivers and Literacy Experts Love Bookworm Babies!

Bookworm Babies is a must-read for new parents! It contains exactly the information caregivers need to start their little ones on a lifetime journey filled with a love for literacy and learning. It speaks in a simple, caring and very personal way to the reader. The book shares the important elements of not only why it is so vital to read with children starting in infancy, but how to read with children. The combination of the why and the how creates a book that not only gives the reader confidence to begin the ritual of reading with their child but the enthusiasm and inspiration to start right away!” 

— Beth Donegan Driscoll, MS, CCLS

Director Child Life Services, Boston Children’s Hospital 

“I absolutely loved reading this book. It is thoughtful, insightful, and filled with wonderful ideas for new parents to give their child the best start of all, with books! A love of reading starts when a caring adult opens the world between the pages of a book. Every parent should have this one!” 

— Vicki C. Milstein, M.S.Ed  

Principal of Early Education, The Public Schools of Brookline

Author, Integrating Math into the Early Childhood Classroom

“Parents of young children who love books and read early are often asked how they taught this value and skill to their children. The answer so often from these parents is “nothing!” But, actually parents may have quite naturally done many things, such as talk to their young child even before their child could respond, or read signs to their child in the grocery store, or show their child the items on the shopping list. They may also have read to their child from birth in a way that was warm and joyful. In addition, they may have used effective strategies, that not only made the reading pleasurable, but also invited children into the mysterious and wonderful world of literacy. 

In Bookworm Babies, Kimberly Aulenback and Dawn Tringas, both parents and former teachers, have provided the encouragement some may need to jump in and read to the youngest children. They also offer a host of suggestions that will help make the most of reading good books with young children. Their guidance will be especially appreciated by adults who do not have much experience reading to young children, and are looking for picture book recommendations and explicit directions for activities that will enhance story time. 

When important people in a young child’s life share the skill of reading along with the pleasure it provides, children can’t help but want to follow in their footsteps - increasing the chance that they will not only want to learn to read, but also love to use this skill. Bookworm Babies will support these important people, so they can confidently, effectively and joyfully share books with young children.” 

— Jane Lannak, PhD  

Director, Early Childhood Learning Laboratory Boston University  

Former Children’s Librarian, San Francisco Public Library 

"Bookworm Babies is very impressive and so exciting! I have learned so much from reading this! As a teacher, many of the hints and books are things I can use with my elementary students in school." - Wendy Anderson, Grade 3-5 Special Education Teacher

"Bookworm Babies is amazing!  I’m having so much fun looking at the 20 books...some I know and some I don’t know. I'm definitely going to use this guide as I'm reading with my youngest daughter!" - Heather Flower, Mother of 4 

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